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Meeting 2007.01.18-19 Vienna, Austria

Integration and component model meeting

Venue & Timetable

Wednesday 18 January, 13:00 - 18:00, venue at OEAW
Friday 19 January, 10:00 - 13:00, venue at Viskom


18 January 13:00-16:00 Component model

  1. proposed wm descriptor types:
    1. type (ex: Ox's head - i.e. top classes of wms)
    2. components (ex: horns, eyes, mouth, cross...)
    3. relative position (ex: cross above head, wm crosses the chain lines)
      1. between wm components (ex: cross above head)
      2. between wm and sieve elements (ex: wm crosses the chain lines)
    4. landmarks (ex: top of mountains in wm type 'three mountains')
  2. How to use the experience of IPH with wm description? We differenciate between the components used in the IPH standard and the syntax used to express their relationship
  3. discuss issues with watermark descriptors 1. types - make list of wm types (coincides with Piccard-Online? Quid WILC & WZMA?) 1. quantity per wm - to keep classification and search practical, the number of descriptors should be minimized 1. description format - storage of descriptors 1. description language - language of stored descriptors - VladAtanasiu proposes that the description language be English and new language capabilities enabled by using glossaries. Thus the files are human readable and debugging made easier. I tested this solution with a database software I wrote for cataloguing manuscripts in French, English and Persian and it works well.
  4. discuss the prototype to be presented at the April meeting in Liverpool: what should/could it be? to proof what?
  5. need to evaluate the solutions to be implemented: how efficient is a serach by components? ho do cataloguers and users react to it? Practically, there hase to be user testings done at some point in the development, say in September 2007.
  6. work organisation
    1. descriptors team: two person should devise the system by which the wms are described; then one person can continue alone with generating the descriptors for all wm types
    2. software team: based on the current knowledge on the component model one/two person/s write how the model can be transformed into a software (functionalities, formats, integration...)
    3. cataloguing team/s: figure out where the wms could be described based on the descriptor list provided by the descriptor team
    4. implementation team: write the software for the component model
  7. provisional timing
    • january 2007 - january 2008 - generating the descriptors for all wms types
    • january - june 2007 - software architecture
    • september 2007 - august 2008 - description of wms
    • september 2007 - august 2008 - software implementation

18 January 16:00-18:00 Database integration - what are the concrete steps fto forsee or the database integration?

19 January 10:00-13:00 Use cases implementation - provide the list of software elements that will be part of the integrated workspace


VladAtanasiu, ClareLlewellyn, RobSanderson, HelmutLeitner, WalterSchinnerl, EzioOrnato, MathiasManecke, FranzLackner

-- VladAtanasiu - 19 Dec 2006

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