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Incunabula Link Use Case

This is part of the submitted UseCaseList.


A description of the scenario that you have in mind.

An ISTC user would like to have data about the incunabula under observation regarding the paper it is printed on. He clicks on the WILC link and gets that information from the WILC database. He also wants to have info about the type used: he clicks on GW which provides him the requested data.


How important do you see this use case as?

  • Must Support


What other use cases are affected by the implementation of this one?

  • Databases usability
  • Various projects dealing with incunabula history (LAMOP, ISTC, GW, Bodleian, Namur University...)


Things that the user must/might supply to the system.

  • Mandatory: two hyperlinks as metadata of each file in WILC, ISTC and GW linking each database with the two others


Things that the user will recieve in response to their request.

  • The users can access the information stored in the other two databases about the incunabula he is looking at
  • Possible displays:
    1. In-window (preffered) - If the user clicks on the "incuabula link" the user inteface inserts in the active window one or several paragraphs after the link with the relevant information about the incuabula file under observation pulled from the two other databases.
    2. Pop-up window - After clicking the link, two new windows pop up, displaying the relevant incunabula file information from the two other databases


Areas in which you foresee problems/issues arising.

  • See below 'Other Information'.


An example supporting this use case.

  • See above 'Scenario'.

Other Information

Any other information that you think is important to include.

  • Scalability: For the lifespan of Bernstein it is proposed to interconnect WILC and ISTC (and if technically possible the GW). This means that the users will have information about incunabula on the content (ISTC), codicological aspects (GW), paper aspects (WILC), typography (GW). However there are other types of information that are currently under developpment as databases: philology (Bodleian, Namur U), binding (SBB), economics (LAMOP), etc. It would be very useful for future projects if the integration of ISTC and WILC would be conceived such so as to support the interlinking of new databases.
    See also: ExternalInterconnectivityUseCase.


Comment from other partner regarding the use case.

  • There exist very interesting databases for books printed in 16th and 17th century. For German language prints these are: VD 16 (Verzeichnis der im deutschen Sprachbereich erschienenen Drucke des 16. Jahrhunderts) http://www.vd16.de/ resp. http://gateway-bayern.bib-bvb.de/aleph-cgi/bvb_suche?sid=VD16 with data referring to ca. 100,000 titles, and VD 17 (Verzeichnis der im deutschen Sprachraum erschienenen Drucke des 17. Jahrhunderts) http://www.vd17.de/ with data referring to 201,000 titles and access to 629,640 digital images of key pages. The year 1500 is not the end of paper use for printed books. So, perhaps there should not only be an IncunabulaLinkUseCase but an EarlyBookUseCase?. – FriederSchmidt

-- VladAtanasiu - 18 Oct 2006

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