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Databases search by elements

This is part of the submitted UseCaseList.


A description of the scenario that you have in mind.

The repertories of watermarks are produced by describing the constituent elements of watermarks, such as head, shield, or cross, and then classifying the watermarks according to them. The user wants to have the list of all watermarks containing a specific element. Say all watermarks featuring a lilly, knowing that the lilly occurs in several classes in the classification system currently in use in the databases.


How important do you see this use case as?

  • Must Support
  • Badly needed by expertise tools and by the users Historians & Art Experts.


What other use cases are affected by the implementation of this one?

  • Databases usability / db integration / dating / authentication / multilingualism / cartography / bibliography


Things that the user must/might supply to the system.

  • Visual search by user.


Things that the user will recieve in response to their request.

  • Matching watermarks are found.


Areas in which you foresee problems/issues arising.

  • There is confusion between the classification/search scheme and the description of waterrmarks. Only those elements of a watermark needed for classification/search are described in its metadata file.


An example supporting this use case.

  • POL-64230 found in "Ochsenkopf > Ohne Gesichtsmerkmale > Darüber Schlange" is composed of the elements "Ochsenkopf","Schlange", "Stange", "Schild". Yet only the elements needed for its classification/search are given in the metadata. Therefore a search on "Schild" will miss all the watermarks which don't feature "Schild" in the classification/search path.

Other Information

Any other information that you think is important to include.

  • ...


Comment from other partner regarding the use case.

  • Is it possible to implement close to the watermark symbols a field for general information? (to give an example: for the watermark type 'snake around column' - 'This type of watermark cames originally only from around Milan but later 60 years later papermills in the South part of Germany copied it'). Informations like this we will find in the introduction of Briquet, of Piccard, of whomever and and I think, the normal user of the BERNSTEIN-portal doesnt know this. GeorgDietz

-- VladAtanasiu - 13 Sep 2006

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