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Databases answer export

This is part of the submitted UseCaseList.


A description of the scenario that you have in mind.

For users doing quantitative paper analysis or history it is necessary to be able to save the statistical data gathered from inquiring the databases.


How important do you see this use case as?

  • Must support


What other use cases are affected by the implementation of this one?

  • Databases usability / db integration / dating / authentication / cartography / bibliography


Things that the user must/might supply to the system.

  • User request.
  • Choice, how to group and to sort data.


Things that the user will recieve in response to their request.

  • Machine answer in form of a file containing the data for statistical analysis (for example the frequency in numbers per eachyear of occurence of a specific laid lines density).


Areas in which you foresee problems/issues arising.

  • Presently the databases are conceived principally for search of one item at a time, but not for work on populations of items (apart from the basic notification of number of replies for a specific request).


An example supporting this use case.

  • I search in WILC all occurencies of laid lines density 20 mm and I get a HTML table with the relevant data. It would be nice to have the table presented also as a downloadable file already formated. (Yes I could do copy/paste, but it's a drag...)

Other Information

Any other information that you think is important to include.

  • ...


Comment from other partner regarding the use case.

  • ...

-- VladAtanasiu - 13 Sep 2006

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