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Databases uniform image scaling

This is part of the submitted UseCaseList.


A description of the scenario that you have in mind.

The User wants to have a uniform scaling (1) for the images coming from the same database and (2) have means to measure distances in images from different databases in the same scaling factor.


How important do you see this use case as?

  • Must Support
  • Needed for databases usability and for image processing


What other use cases are affected by the implementation of this one?

  • Databases usability / db integration / dating / authentication / cartography / bibliography


Things that the user must/might supply to the system.

  • User or image processing software performs measurements on the images.


Things that the user will recieve in response to their request.

  • The resulting measurements must be based on the same scale inside individual databases and across databases.


Areas in which you foresee problems/issues arising.

  • Issue - Piccard-Online images are not at scale, only the on-line ruler tool is compensated to indicate the correct distance as given in the metadata. The extent of this issues for POL is unknown by the writer of this note. WILC and WZMA are not affected by this issue. NIKI doesn't allow image downloading (uses java applets for image display) and the pdf generator was not functional at the time of the test (on DE-KKDD-A 1882-101).


An example supporting this use case.

  • Downloading the image POL-116961 and measuring the diameter of the circle gives a different reading than that of the ruler or as written in the metadata. Details on this issue in BugsAndWishes > Piccard-Online > Image scale.

Other Information

Any other information that you think is important to include.


Comment from other partner regarding the use case.

*'NIKI doesn't allow image downloading (uses java applets for image display) and the pdf generator was not functional at the time of the test.' We will fix this till end of 2006. But we need a tool to put images of watermarks much more easy on scale. F.e. at the backlight methode you put a scal on one site of the object but its takes 6 or more steps till you will have this image 1:1 in your Computer. Beside this its will be nice if we can switch on the user front end between 'inch', 'cm' and 'mm'. - GeorgDietz

-- VladAtanasiu - 13 Sep 2006

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