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A collection of maps related to the history of watermarks, papers and books are accessible via Waqwaq. They are refered to as "static" because the amount of records per dataset cannot be modified, as opposed to the "dynamic" maps which are selections from inside datasets. Thus static maps in Waqwaq represent the entirelyty of datasets and dynamic maps sections thereof.


The content of the layers is documented here.


Layers activation - The display of datasets can be turned on and off by clicking the checkboxes in the left hand sidebar under the heading "atlas".

Layers types - Datasets can be visualized as a collection of points or as density maps . For the later the color is indicative of either the density of points in an area of records per point in an area, as indicated by the layer's name. See an example showing how each visualization type provides a particular perspective on the historical data.

Site tools - A couple of tools help users interact with the maps.

  • To get information about a point or a region click the "i" button on the tools bar, then on the point of intereset on the map.
  • The location map on the left shows where the present map area is located in the world.
  • Zooming is enabled from the tools bar.
  • Linking to this page and to the website of the Bernstein project on paper and watermarks history is also provided in the top bar.
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