Mapping applications

Throughout this website you might encounter maps produced with the three different applications reviewd here. A sample screenshot is provided in each case, showing the distribution of printing locations in Europe before 1500 AD. The comparison page details the principal characteristics of the applications for which they might be used.

Dynamic data mapping application

This public webservice provides the ability to anybody to represent his/her georeferenced datasets as online accessible maps.

View sample data | Step-by-step mapping guide | Interface help


Static data mapping application

This application serves to display online datasets hosted by Waqwaq.

View datasets | Datasets catalog | Interface help


Desktop mapping application

This software is oriented towards special applications, such as printing of high-quality maps, generating maps that need to be post-processed (e.g. re-work in Illustrator for incorporation in other maps or illustrations), making maps off-line and adding customized displays and functionalities through programming.

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