Shahrazad Web Preferences

The following settings are web preferences of the Shahrazad web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in TWiki.TWikiPreferences and Main.TWikiPreferences, and can be overwritten by user preferences (your personal topic, eg: TWikiGuest in the Main web). Many of the settings below are commented out. Remove the # sign to enable a local customization.


  • Waqwaq home:
    • Set HOMEURL = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad


  • Skin type:
    • Set SKIN = waqwaq, pattern
    • #Set SKIN = pattern

  • Skin URL: Note: Custom overriding pattern styles are enabled pr. default but empty, to prevent browsers from fetching %USERLAYOUTURL%-style URLs.
    • Set SKINURL = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin
    • Set USERLAYOUTURL = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/layout.css
    • Set USERSTYLEURL = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/style.css
    • Set USERCOLORSURL = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/colors.css
    • Set USERPRINTURL = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/print.css

  • Logo image, URL and alternate tooltip text.
    Note: Don't add your own local logos to the TWikiLogos topic; create your own logos topic instead.
    • Set WEBLOGOIMG = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/shahrazad_logo.png
    • Set WEBLOGOURL = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad
    • Set WEBLOGOALT = Shahrazad - Information Representation

  • Header:
    • #Set WEBHEADERART = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/shahrazad_header.png

  • Background color and image (see also StandardColors):
    • Set WEBBGCOLOR = #F3F3E9
    • Note: The above setting is automatically configured when you create a web.
    • #Set WEBBACKGROUNDIMAGE = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/wallpaper-sharp.png
    • Note: The background image is set in /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/layout.css > body.

  • Browser favorites icon of this web:
    • Set FAVICON = /twiki/pub/Shahrazad/WebSkin/favicon.ico


  • Copyright notice:
    • Set WEBCOPYRIGHT = Shahrazad: Information Representation · Copyright © by the contributing authors. 2009-2014

  • List this web in the SiteMap. If you want the web listed, then set SITEMAPLIST to on, do not set NOSEARCHALL, and add the "what" and "use to..." description for the site map. Use links that include the name of the web, i.e. Shahrazad.Topic links.
    Note: Unlike other variables, the setting of SITEMAPLIST is not inherited from parent webs. It has to be set in every web that is to be listed in the SiteMap
    • Set SITEMAPLIST = on
    • Set SITEMAPWHAT = Resources for Information Representation
    • Set SITEMAPUSETO = ...such as links, course notes, images, etc.
    • Note: Above settings are automatically configured when you create a web

  • Temporary messages on top of every page:
      Website content is being modified right now


  • Icons:
    • Set I = help.gif
    • Set W = warning


  • List of topics of the Shahrazad web:

  • Exclude web from a web="all" search: (Set to on for hidden webs).
    • Note: This setting is automatically configured when you create a web

  • Prevent automatic linking of WikiWords and acronyms (if set to on); link WikiWords (if empty); can be overwritten by web preferences:
    • #Set NOAUTOLINK = off
    • Note: You can still use the [[...][...]] syntax to link topics if you disabled WikiWord linking. The <noautolink> ... </noautolink> syntax can be used to prevents links within a block of text.

  • Default template for new topics for this web:
    • WebTopicEditTemplate?: Default template for new topics in this web. (Site-level is used if topic does not exist)
    • TWiki.WebTopicEditTemplate: Site-level default topic template

  • Comma separated list of forms that can be attached to topics in this web. See TWikiForms for more information.
    • Set WEBFORMS =


  • Users or groups who are not / are allowed to view / change / rename topics in the Shahrazad web: (See TWikiAccessControl). Remove the # to enable any of these settings. Remember that an empty setting is a valid setting; setting DENYWEBVIEW to nothing means that anyone can view the web.
    • #Set DENYWEBVIEW =
    • #Set ALLOWWEBRENAME = TWikiAdminGroup

  • Web preferences that are not allowed to be overridden by user or topic preferences:

Help on Preferences

  • A preference setting is defined by:
    3 or 6 spaces * Set NAME = value
  • A preferences setting can be disabled with a # sign. Remove the # sign to enable a local customisation. Example:
  • Preferences are used as TWikiVariables by enclosing the name in percent signs. Example:
    • When you write variable %WEBBGCOLOR% , it gets expanded to #F3F3E9
  • The sequential order of the preference settings is significant. Define preferences that use other preferences first, i.e. set WEBCOPYRIGHT before WIKIWEBMASTER since %WEBCOPYRIGHT% uses the %WIKIWEBMASTER% variable.
  • You can introduce your own preferences variables and use them in your topics and templates.

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