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Bernstein News

* Three databases added The Thomas Gravell Watermark Archive (7523 watermarsk), and two test versions: PFES (papel y filigranas en Espana) database, and the databse of RISM Germany were added to the Bernstein portal.

* Bernstein Meeting and Watermark Conference in The Hague at the KB on April 11, 2013.

  • Database added The database AES of the Archive of the Archdiocese Salzburg and the RISM group Austria was added to the Bernstein portal.

  • Hungarian version of Memory of Paper. The multilingual Bernstein portal has been extended with a seventh language. The user interface, the watermark terminology and the watermark classification is now available also in Hungarian. Many thanks to Pelbárt Jenő, Sarbak Gabor, and Wenger Klara.

  • Exhibtion. An exhibition 'Ochsenkopf und Meerjungfrau' will be organized at the Rollett-Museum in Baden bei Wien from May 15 until October 8, 2013.

  • Databases added The databases FILIGRANA and EEP (Early Estonian Prints) were added to the Bernstein portal.

  • Databases added The number of databases of the Bernstein portal has been increased with 6 databases (WIES, WIGB, BRIQ-Briquet, SZ, APCCV and SFH). More databases will come soon. Please send remarks to EmanuelWenger.

  • Invitation to the opening of the exhibition 'Tesori dalla Biblioteca Civica di Varallo' at the Civic Library (via Umberto I, 69. Varallo, Piedmont, Italy) on June 15. Here are some Photos of the opening event.

  • New book Cabeza de Buey y Sirena. La Historia del Papel y las Filigranas desde el Medievo hasta la Modernidad. A Spanish extended version of the Bernstein booklet Bulls'Head and Mermaid has been published. The book contains 165 pages with additions about paper history in Spain, hispano-arabe paper, Spanish watermark researchers, Spanish database projects and much more. HELP To order the printed catalog contact EmanuelWenger at emanuel.wenger@oeaw.ac.at.

World News

The proceedings of the Piccard-Kolloquium, *Wasserzeichen und Filigranology* Beiträge einer Tagung zum 100. Geburttag von Gerhard Piccard (1909-1989) are published. Contact address: Dr. Peter Rückert (peter.rueckert@la-bw.de)

Bernstein Documents

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