Databases search incomplete watermarks

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A description of the scenario that you have in mind.

The user has only part of the watermark available but still wants a successful search - aware however of the increased number of possibilities matching his watermark.


How important do you see this use case as?

  • Must Support
  • Needed by Art experts (i.a. NIKI)


Things that the user must/might supply to the system.

  • Visual search by user


Things that the user will recieve in response to their request.

  • Watermarks are found


Areas in which you foresee problems/issues arising.

  • Only the upper part of a watermark is visible in the paper sample the user examines, composed of - say - a cross, a snake and a half circle around them. He would like to find all watermarks that look like this in their upper part. The reply might yield a "bull's head" and an "eagle" as the central part of the watermark.


An example supporting this use case.

  • Because the watermark descriptions in the present databases don't give a full description of the constituent elements of a watermark, but classify them based on some subjectively chosen element, such a research on partial images is not possible (unless all database content is scanned, of course).

Other Information

Any other information that you think is important to include.

  • This user case is by far the most prevalent for art historians, where papers used in prints and drawings are cut in smaller parts, thus loosing the integrity of the watermarks. Our partners NIKI and DUT, representing the art historians in the project, are affected by this issue.
  • This use case is similar to DbSearchByElements.


Comment from other partner regarding the use case.

  • Particularly in smaller graphics its occurs that you does'nt find watermarks. In such cases its would be nice to receive - at least based on chain- and laidline-distances or thickness of the mould wires - an indication for the period and manufacture place. - GeorgDietz

-- VladAtanasiu - 13 Sep 2006

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