Versions Log

Code versions log of the Waqwaq GIS application.

Type legend: new = new functionality; fix = bug removed; dev = code restructured

Date Type Event
2010.01.15 fix multilanguage
2009.12.24 fix multilanguage
2009.12.17 fix utf-8 charcter in header to try to enforce recognition of encoding as utf-8 w/o bom
2009.12.16 fix show file creation date for older jsonp formats
  new new symbol "known records number" in content > legend >
  fix wait message translated
2009.12.14 fix gui > navigation > reset map extent
  new message if javascript off
2009.12.07 new option to vary symbol color by size
2009.11.24 fix processing now happens surely only after the data AND DOM has loaded
2009.11.02 fix processing now happens surely only after the data has loaded
  fix issues with the intervals statistics
2009.09.29 new interface internationalization
  new support for IE8.0/Windows
2009.08.29 new settings hierarchy
2009.08.27 new sends coordinates to a cgi by double-clicking the map
2009.08.22 new support for density maps
  new multicoloring of thematic groups
  new shaping of individual symbols
  new varing marker coloring by interval discontinued
2009.08.10 new bbox from url, data header & records
  new links-lines on separate layer
  new marker transparency
  dev cleaned the script
2009.08.07 new basemaps w/ borders
2009.08.02 new draw lines between geoobjects
2009.08.01 fix bug in quantities
  new shows records percentage in popup
2009.07.28 new file creation date on interface
2009.07.24 fix IE's innerHTML not recognized
2009.07.07 dev rm dir /dynamic & /static in /data
2009.06.25 fix display & stats for equal quantities records
2009.06.23 fix focus map on bounding box
  new display map content in user language
  new multilingual file content description
2009.05.05 dev changed directory structure (see ./structure.txt)
  fix removed interface specifics for bernstein project
2009.03.00 new first version on Waqwaq
  new support for multiple places (and, or) and uncertainities
2008.11.00 new First version

-- VladAtanasiu - 30 Aug 2009

Paris, France
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