IR13s Project

Description of the individual project of this seminar.

What: My Personal Fribourg


  • produce a representation of some objective or subjective aspect of the city of Fribourg
  • think of your output object as something that should be informative to somebody arriving for the first time in Fribourg; think that you would do this work for the tourism office - in fact this is what we aim for: making representations interesting enough to be bought by the tourism office


  • emotive landscape : probably different streets produce different emotions on you - now walk in the city, record your emotions as you wander about, then take a map of the city and color-code the streets according to your emotive vocabulary. beside the kind of emotion, you might wish to represent also its intensity
  • accessibility map: given a location in the city produce a map that colorcodes the distance to any other place when using the bus system at a given time


  • physical nature: digital or physical
  • sensorial modality: visualization, sonification, tangible, heat, etc.


  • the representation should measurable (quantified) and/or reproductible (explicit algorithm)


  • we want you to experience representation of data typically outside the engineering curriculum - we think that this provides you with a fresh and creative approach towards what representation can be
  • it is important to make educational experiments close to the complexity and "messiness" (i.e. social and physical embodiment) of real-world conditions - and see your work actually used by somebody
  • try other representation modes than visual


  • a physical or digital object
  • an oral presentation of the project
  • a written description of the project (2 pages excluding figures)


  • a mid-term review of the advancement of the project will consist in 5 minutes individual presentations
  • the final project are presented at the end of the term, in 15 minutes sessions (10 minutes presentations, 5 minutes discussions)
  • the written descriptions are to handed in by email to the instructors at latest one week before the final presentations

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